Art For Community

Art For Community

These are free – download digital files.

I am joyfully making this available to the public. You are welcome to use these in your classrooms, for your mutual-aid websites, in the streets, in your zines, for your heart, etc. 

Please consider donating $5 – $20 per download to one of the organizations listed below or to one of your choosing. 

If you are a for-profit business looking to work with me, please email me for licensing information. 

==================== Non- profit Organizations ======================

Chicago Freedom School – provides training and education for young people and adult allies to create a just world.

Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration -organizes mutual support and participatory defense in solidarity with mothers who’ve suffered criminalization and separation from their kids.

For the People Artist Collective – is a radical squad of Black artists and artists of color in Chicago creating visuals to support campaigns for justice in Chicago.

The Love Fridge is a collective that practices mutual aid grounded in food. We are powered by kindness, generosity, and most importantly, love. We are your neighbors, looking out for our community. venmo : ashley-godfrey-8 or cashapp : $thelovefridge

=================== Terms =============================

*Please read below for a few regulations about how to use my work.

*Please do not edit any of my illustrations without my permission. Please always credit me when sharing my work. Only images on this “art for community” set are being made available to the public. The use of my other images without a licensing contract is subject to copyright infringement. These images are being offered for non-revenue generating purposes. If you are looking to print this work in some format and utilize it for a fundraiser, please contact me. Thank you!