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MYSTERY BAG - Limited Edition of 12

MYSTERY BAG - Limited Edition of 12

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I've sorted through my studio to bring you...Mystery bags!

A fun grab bag of assorted prints and stickers. by me, oORn" You'll receive 10 different items picked randomly from our stock. These items are either discontinued or have slight imperfections that most people would never notice. Imperfections could be a small speck in the cardstock, a tiny hair off center, etc... Most people can't figure out what's wrong with them but I'm a bit of anal retentive kind of person. The discontinued cards just cards that I printed way too many of and decided not to sell any longer.


* 1 package of randomly selected prints and stickers

* If you order more than one bag there may be duplicates


How to order

These are limited edition of 12 bags. each bag had a number on it.

pick any number you like.

I sorted prints and stickers into a total of 12 bags.


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use code: SURPRISE

Thanks for helping me with the cleaning! Happy card giving.