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I'm here!! @showofhandschicago

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My name is ORN. 
And that's also my brand name, with an additional o. Here is a story behind an extra O.
I'm a clumsy person, everyone around me knows that. And I'm not really doing things with much caution. In my college years, when I tended to do something sketchy in the studio (in a good way but not in the normal or ordinary way.) I always got caught by my professor and he will yell across the room 'oooOooooOOoOOoRRRRRRNNNNNNNN'
Then again when I started working, the manager also call me the same way. That's how people see me and expressing it thru the way they call my name. - That's one.
The 2nd reason is, Orn is my nickname. I mean, real nickname-- not make up the nickname in high school or something. My first name is Ornuma (Thai language). ORN means pretty woman. UMA is a blessing from god/angle.
Some people when they move to the U.S. they changed or have an American name but my name is easy enough and I don't see the point of having an American name. My name is defined me.
All of my work, I draw on paper -- using only Uni-ball micro pen. It's the only pen I like. 
I scan the original drawing into the computer then coloring them in the computer (digital coloring)
2 years ago I start sending out inspirational newsletters to my subscribers. To force me to be more productive. Then I turn some of these drawings to postcards or art prints. 


I proud to call Chicago, Home.